>student: Ekaterina Pavlenko, 24, Moscow, social science

11.11.2011, 14:58
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Before Strelka I studied sociology for a long time and I really enjoyed it. But I always felt the need for something more than just doing research. In the last year, I had a chance to learn about a direction in sociology called ethnomethodology that has really interested me. This direction has a very clear practical application and I would like to somehow develop this field further.

I found out about Strelka from my professor at university, dean of our department Victor Vakhshtain. For me it was just another slightly different institute that we were told about. A little while later I visited the website, looked through it, read the blog, but back then I didn’t see it as a plan for my further development.

It would be nice if there was less negativity in the city, but it’s not a very constructive desire, I don’t know how it can be realized.

I think that after Strelka I will look for ways to do what I am interested in. I would like to do something together [with architects], observe what architects do. I like the process itself and the idea that something that’s designed can be implemented into life — and people will interact with it.