>student: Elena Arkhipova, 24, Lipetsk, designer/analytic

26.10.2011, 14:40
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Before Strelka I worked in industrial design — to be more precise, I did design research. It’s hard to explain what it is, especially in Russia, but we collected and analyzed information so that there would be a quality product as a result.

I found out about Strelka when shortly after it opened. I went to some lectures, but the thought of applying here came to me not so long ago, some time in May, when I was looking for new directions for development, so I thought ‘Why not Strelka?’.

Moscow inspires mixed feelings in me. To me, it is a piece of litmus paper that tests who you are. The funniest episode that happened to me here was when I tried to live illegally in Moscow State University’s hall of residence. I got caught with a fake pass and had to sit in the local police office until 3 am listening to Russian poetry. In the end, they let me go and even gave me a business card and told me to call if something happens.

My ideal job would be if I could come to the city only for 2-3 hours, work with my team here — we would do something, brainstorm and then go back to our country homes. There, we would work from home and communicate via Skype, so I would have more free time.