>student: Filippo Bazzoni, 28, Milan, architect

27.10.2011, 14:42
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For the last three years, I worked as a transport consultant most of the time. I worked as an architect as well 2 years before that — I graduated as an architect in Milan. More or less that’s it.

I studied abroad in Australia, Germany, I had a fun experience in Kazakhstan when I did my internship in Alma-Ata.

Moscow I chose for the Strelka programme that I found to be very interesting. I had a look at the website and what it was offering and decided to come here and see what’s going on. Moscow seems to me like a fancy babushka with lots of contrast, it’s whole, but sometimes it wants to be new at any cost. It’s rich and poor at the same time, full of contradictions and contrast, some positive, some not. It makes it interesting to explore and see the city.

I still have to find what I want to be. Hopefully, I’ll be myself with a little more knowledge in a few aspects I don’t know, that I’ve never studied before.

Strelka is a good platform to share ideas and promote new projects that could be really helpful for the city.