>student: Irina Rudnichenko, 23, Omsk, culturologist

23.11.2011, 15:08
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I graduated from Culture Department of the University of Omsk, and worked at the Omsk art museum for a while. We put together many interesting projects, like exhibitions, scientific projects, and wrote a number of articles. We actually talked more than we worked, and I think that was most beneficial for me.

A year ago I studied culture journalism in St. Petersburg. I guess Strelka was sending out newsletters to organizations that might be interested, so I received a letter, and immediately wanted to apply.

I have always been engaged in studying city development, but I did it from a humanitarian point of view. I researched cities, observed how they developed. I thought that an architectural angle of research might give me a chance to create something myself.

I feel very lost in Moscow. I think such cities are not made for people. I would work more with finding a way to help a single person who is lost to get a better sense of the city. Perhaps make the buildings smaller or do something to help a single person live in the city and not feel as though he’s part of some kind of ant farm.

Before coming to Strelka I wanted to be an architect, but being here I’ve realized I won’t make a good architect. I think I will go on with researching cities; work in a company that would have commissions from different cities to make programs for development. I think that I will keep my focus on urban culture.