>student: Maria Kosareva, 24, Moscow, designer

26.12.2011, 15:31
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Before Strelka I graduated as a graphic designer and started working in the architectural office Bernaskoni. I worked there for 3 years and then continued as a project coordinator of architectural exhibitions.

It’s hard not to know about Strelka if you’re constantly in the architecture field, especially in Moscow.  We knew about it even before it started to be built, I remember going there and watching as everything was being constructed bit by bit. I went to Koolhaas’ speech when he presented the first programme and it was interesting to see what the students would be doing. The whole first year was like a big fuss: everyone wanted to know what the first Strelka students were doing.

I didn’t apply the first year because it was difficult to understand what would be the result of this educational programme. In fact, even after the final review it wasn’t very clear what would happen the second year. But it’s interesting to change your activities, have a rest: to rest is to change your occupation. Working a little and then studying a little.

This year, all of the topics are mainly concentrated on Moscow. Since Moscow is my city, I was born here, I have lived here all my life, this is my beloved city. Of course, you see its drawbacks, but you love them as well. Perhaps this is why I decided to move away from this subject and chose the only theme, Hinterland, which studies the province.

Every day at Strelka you learn something new, it’s like a constant quest where you have to pass different levels, collect bonuses for yourself. I don’t think I will go away from working in architecture, it’s the professional area I like.