>student: Maria Semenenko, 24, Moscow, linguist

14.12.2011, 15:25
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Before Strelka I was studying at university, getting a diploma in political science with 2 foreign languages. After graduation I worked for an Internet publication, then on a very cool online project, hello, guys! I also worked in social media but then left.

I found out about Strelka right after its launch, but I thought wasn’t for me. I came to a lecture on social networks and they were giving out leaflets on the research themes. I found them very interesting, but I thought they were solely for architects. This year I changed my mind: I suddenly thought I could also be here. Basically, I was right.

It’s very hard to change something in Moscow. I can only suggest how to make it different. But there has to be something good and something bad.

This is the 5th time somebody asks me what I’m going to do after Strelka. Can I give the same answer? I don’t know exactly how it is connected, but I would like to launch a Ukrainian film festival. Perhaps, when I once voiced my wish, it determined the topic of my future research – I am going to study Moscow’s national diasporas.