>student: Marina Laba, 22, Togliatti, designer

12.12.2011, 15:24
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Before Strelka I worked in a wonderful office, did graphic design. I felt great, comfortable. I thought I had everything a young girl needed. I’d just graduated from university. But there comes a time after you graduate when you can’t decide what to do next, because for 5 years you’ve been doing the same thing. Our institute was interesting because starting with your 3rd year you had to go and work. I didn’t even have time to really understand whether that profession was for me or not.

I had an urge to look for something different. So I started trying out different ways to do that. First I went to the British School of Design because it had a variety of disciplines to choose from. I had an interview and even got in. But afterwards I was discussing this with a Moscow friend of mine and he told me, Why not try Strelka? I didn’t even know what it was. He told me a little bit about it and then I looked at the website, started to learn more about it. I decided to risk it and send a portfolio that was made in hurry during a couple of sleepless nights. I sent it and forgot all about it. Later, reading The Village, I came across some interviews with the already accepted students; they all were architects and I remember thinking, What am I doing? But then I got an invitation for an interview and everything went great and now I’m here.

My first impression of Moscow was that it is a big city but it doesn’t push me away. I was afraid it wouldn’t accept me, but now I already feel part of this city.

I think I will return to graphic design. I can already see that my thoughts are more organized. Before, we had little time for our projects and put more emphasis on the visual side, with little time for the research. Now I think that by immersing completely into research I will obtain new methods and technologies on finding information that would be needed for graphic design. I plan to combine everything together and efficiently use it.