>student: Olga Sarapulova, 28, Ufa, architect

22.12.2011, 15:29
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After graduating a worked for a while as an architect, but soon enough I realized the existence of a huge gap between the way architecture is taught at school and the way it is practiced. Maybe it was some basic «survival instinct». So I left architecture for 5 years and went into business.

I found out about Strelka surfing the internet. I was pleasantly surprised that our society was ready for such a brilliant project. Of course, I decided I wanted to participate, because in my opinion architecture one should learn architecture through many different disciplines.

So far I don’t have any ideas about how to change Moscow. I’ve been here only a few months. Even more so, I don’t think I have the right for such ideas. I believe that before you start making any changes, you have to take the situation as it is, with all its advantages and disadvantages. You have to think about win-win situations so that everyone could benefit from these changes. It has to be an honest desire to create a functional, useful and comfortable for everyone environment, and not just be a manifestation of pride and ambition of certain personas. This is because a certain type of space shapes a certain type of society. What kind of a society do we want in the future? Well that’s the answer we must look for.

Every day I ask myself — what do I want to do after Strelka? Even though a month ago I had a clear understanding, in the last couple of weeks I freed myself from a lot of stereotypes. So right now I am trying to maintain this feeling of emptiness that is open for new ideas. But I know for sure that my work will be about serving other people.