>student: Roman Kuchukov, 28, Samara, architect

22.12.2011, 15:29
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Before Strelka I studied at the Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, but I always looked for possibilities to learn something new. That is why I had an internship at GDS Architects in Brussels and participated in a competition on the design concept for residential eco-buildings for the Brussels municipality.

The first time I heard about Strelka was at the Moscow Arch Biennale in 2010, but then I didn’t quite understand what it was about and what it was for. The same year I participated in a workshop in Ulyanovsk. There, I met with some people from Moscow who told me everything about Strelka. They turned out to be the students of the previous year. So I decided why not, I can do it too and applied as soon as the submission opened.
How do I see Moscow? Moscow has always been and still is a city of power, of power both political and financial, but not a city for the people. So I would like Moscow to become a city for people.

I was always interested in the connection between a specific architectural object and urban environment in general. So for me it’s very important that at Strelka I have the possibility to look at how the city works from different angles. This will be very useful for me in the future.