>student: Tatiana Mamaeva, 25, St. Petersburg, designer

19.12.2011, 15:27
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Before Strelka I obtained a bachelor’s degree, studied electro-mechanics at the Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg. Then I worked as a lighting designer in a St. Petersburg office. But afterwards I decided to change my profession and went to study in Sweden, in a northern city called Umea, where I received a diploma in design. Then I worked in a big office in Vienna, which worked in the field of industrial design.

I learned about Strelka a few weeks before getting accepted out of the blue. I was particularly interested in two themes — Citizens as Customers and SENSEable City.

When I first arrived in Moscow, everything was unfamiliar to me. A lot of things surprised and alerted me at the same time. But after a month I got used to it and now I feel part of the city, I found my own things to grab onto. I know that Moscow has great potential; a lot can be changed for the better here.

I would like to further develop in the field of interactive design.