>student: Tatyana Polyakova, 23, Ufa, architect

24.10.2011, 14:37
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Describe yourself in 3 words
An architect, a bird of passage, and a happy person.
What are your associations with Moscow?
I have very interesting associations, Moscow has such a perspective of the city and its development, there’s a different range of vision here. I feel at a very strange angle in the streets of Moscow.
How do you think your knowledge and skills will help you in research?
I think my university education, participation in international architectural competitions, and experience of working with public spaces  can be used during my studies here.
Who do you want to be when you graduate from Strelka?
I have several wishes concerning my future path […]. I hope I will make up my mind by the end of the year.
Strelka is
A fascinating intellectual game.