>student: Victor Ruben, 22, Moscow, architect

19.12.2011, 15:27
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Before Strelka I studied at MArkhI. When Strelka opened, I didn’t know anything about it. But my friends from MArkhI did. They said that we should definitely come as Rem Koolhaas himself would be there. Then we were volunteers at the summer programme. I was a volunteer at one of the first workshops held at Strelka by Studio Banana, I got acquainted with them and went to work for them in Madrid.

I came back here and understood that I needed to do something more meaningful. I remember I was showing architect Alejandro Aravena around and we had a good talk with him. He has a strong practice in both architecture and research. I realized that this is how I need to work, I need to improve my theoretical base. That is why I applied to Strelka and was surprisingly accepted.

I don’t really think about Moscow that much now. And my research theme is not about Moscow, It’s more about everything else. And that is exactly what interests me.

If we talk about more ambitious plans, then I would like to improve the agricultural industry in Russia. Russia’s ecosystem is not harmed so much, so I see this as an ideal field for the development of such an industry.