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01.03.2013, 15:59
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Strelka Institute opens admissions for the new year: multidisciplinary programme, tailor-made educational course on contemporary urbanism and city development, individual research projects, involving best international experts and students, — all that and a lot more awaits in the upcoming year.

If you have a degree, have worked in architecture, design, business or media, want to participate in shaping the new urban environment, gain experience in research, work on your own ambitious project and better understand, what makes a city successful, — this is your chance.
Strelka will give you access to the professional network, consisting of the brightest international architects, entrepreneurs, city officials and activists. We will give you time and resources to propose your solutions for intellectual and practical challenges that contemporary city is faced with. You will become part of the Strelka project.

Strelka is opening admissions for the educational cycle 2013/14: take part in the development of our new theme — «Alternatives» — and join us in predicting and creating the future of the city.

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A. Smirnova, Strelka programming director

«We do not only teach, we also give students the opportunity to experiment. In other words, a «Strelka education» is an opportunity for students who’ve just dipped their toes into a profession to really push their boundaries in a larger project. We want students to bring their solutions to life, to push their projects in the directions they think are most interesting and important».

Y. Grigoryan, head of the educational programme

«One could say that an educational program brings about some personal growth for the student. As I can now see from the experience of our first graduating class, many of the students in that class had a delayed shock; which was like a compression effect, or like inertia. This happens when you leave a school thinking one way, but as you get on with your life, as you recall what you’ve gone through during the program, you still continue to change».

A. Ivanov, Alumni

«The main reason for choosing to study at Strelka was probably the fact that it is the only free university in the world with such a high quality of teaching staff. It was also important to me that Strelka is a platform for an open experiment, something that Moscow was lacking until now».

C. Medellin, Alumni

«Nevertheless, I did enjoy studying at Strelka it put me in contact with many things that before I only saw from a distance – it was great having Rem Koolhass and Carlo Ratti as teachers, dealing with OMA, AMO directly. It helped me to understand many aspects of how architecture and design work in the real life in Europe, how everything is played, designed and understood».

D. Safiullina, Alumni

«In a city like Moscow it is really hard to change something. It’s very challenging and that’s exactly why it’s interesting as well. So I hope by the end of the year we’ll have made some, at least tiny, steps towards real change in Moscow».