The Exhibition at the Polytechnical Museum

14.09.2011, 13:38

September 12, the Polytechnical Museum opened an exhibition of the finalists’ projects of an international architectural contest for the best renovation concept for the museum’s building. Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design was consulting the contest’s organizers. The exhibition was prepared by the members of the Strelka team: architects Tamara Muradova and Denis Leontyev and Andrey Goncharov, a designer.

The exhibition space is divided into three functional zones.

The first is a multimedia installation: an image of the museum’s façade is projected onto a screen. The windows in the wall show presentations telling of the finalists’ projects, as well as the building’s history and the museum’s current life.

The second zone allows to «communicate» with the projects’ creators. It shows video interviews with the architects who present and explain their renovation ideas.

The third zone is a traditional architectural exposition aimed at professionals; it shows all project materials submitted by the contests’ participants.

The exhibition is open until October 2.