The Results Are In: What’s the Next Step?

20.09.2012, 20:53

The results of Strelka’s Concept Moscow competition are in, and the institute has released a booklet of proposals. The competition was sponsored by Strelka, OMA, Project Meganom, and Siemens, and the booklet was edited by economist Alexander Auzan, a member of the President’s Economic Council. The project’s main participants have shared their impressions on Strelka’s blog.

Varvara Melnikova, CEO at Strelka Institute:

“Strelka made a large research and issues of Moscow expansion were among many others. We explored all the most famous Russian urban sketches of the last 5 years and tried to determine their meanings. With the help of our research we would like to show that an architect doesn’t know the answers to all the questions and is not able to draw a formula of happiness. Whereas technical design is a very important phase of a project which can often determine its success or failure”.

Alexander Auzan, Russian economist, board member of the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the Russian Government:

“А city especially, a capital city, is always a message. When we have a project that makes changes, we develop a set of values which can help us bring changes to life. For us it was very important to check what can happen with languages with the help of which we can communicate the right values. In these languages happened a shift. If earlier to design a capital architectural styles and planning were important nowadays such things as communications and public spaces are in priority”.

Reinier de Graaf, partner at OMA:

“If you want to make Moscow bigger, good luck, that is already happened. For us this project was not so much an opportunity to create a new expansion to demonstrate our great ingenuity as urban designers but the way to solve the problems of the agglomeration as it exists. So for us the project is more a correction of an expansion that has already taken place rather than a new expansion”.

Yuriy Grigoryan, Head of the “Project Meganom” bureau:

“We can no longer think in terms of planning and continue working with antiquated language. We need to rethink and re-evaluate the urban body which we got, and if we do so this can be called modernization. We can modernize without considering the issues of planning. Along the working process on the Contest aggregation of ideas happened. I would emphasize the value of each project. To create an overall strategy of development of a city a vertical mapping and analysis of ideas proposed is needed”.