Tihana Vucic, 26, Zagreb, architect

18.11.2011, 15:02
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I graduated earlier this year and I was working with some private offices. I’ve studied architecture and also participated in some workshops. I generally enjoy dynamic environments.

I think I’ve read about it [Strelka] in Creative Design or something like that, but it was in reference to what I was doing, so I started digging and finding out more. I liked the lot of ideas and the more I read about it the more I was sure I wanted to be there.

It was important for me to leave my safe and comfortable environment, to explore something new, and this was as new as I could get. It’s very interesting and there was such a buzz about it at that certain point.

I was prepared to come [to Moscow]. And although it’s something completely different from where I come from, I wasn’t that surprised. But I still can’t scan Moscow very well, I know bits and pieces of everywhere, but it’s also scattered. I don’t know whether a year will be enough.

[What am I planning to do in the future?] It depends on how I do at Strelka, hopefully it will open some doors, and if nothing else, this is going to be a great year full of experiences, just meeting new people, which is always great.

Strelka for me is a place, a place where a lot of things happen.