Tokyo through different lenses: part 2

12.12.2011, 15:24
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The fieldtrip to Japan may have ended, but the impressions of Tokyo are still fresh. All of the students have seen their own Tokyo. Here are some views of the city through their camera lenses.

Dace Gurecka

The image was taken at the Yoyogi Park. It is noticeable that the Japanese public space concept is all about a space for collective loneliness.

Tatyana Mamaeva

Like Japan itself, the photo reflects a mix of modern and traditional styles. Like those shoes with the old geta platform maintained, but hyper-modern and comfortable, Japan is technologically advanced and extremely old-fashioned, which is mysterious and intriguing at the same time.

Anton Kal’gaev

This photograph was taken somewhere in a quiet street near the Shibuya district. The perfect neon «Chaos» sign is seen through a clean shop window. For me, this is perhaps the most precise image of Tokyo. The essence of the city’s visual and urban jumble consists in harsh rationality that packages the spontaneity into some kind of frame. Looking at this photograph I remember Julian’s story about the spontaneous celebration on the square near the Shibuya train station. Suddenly thousands of people gathered there for a sports event; they danced and enjoyed themselves. And the Tokyo police were desperately trying to calm the people down and make them go home by screaming through their megaphones, «Go home! You’re not supposed to be here!»

Olga Sarapulova

The first view of Japan that I saw
The first revelations that fell deep inside
The first thrill that will stay forever

Gustavo Cabanez

Quietness, Patience and Movement.
All around Tokyo you can find quiet places that transmit calmness and human scale of this big chaotic city.

Elena Bykova

Tokyo Sky Tree is going to be the tallest tower in the world. It’s a powerful symbol of a new century. Genius simplicity is what our future is about.

Lam Le Nguyen

This is a photo showing a subversion of a perfect world. The minimalist paradise of Muji has been revolted against.

Ekaterina Izmestyeva

In the last day it suddenly became clear that Tokyo is not endless.

Anastasia Sheveleva

The screaming arcade halls mesmerize, attract, frighten, give a headache…. But only when you walk out of the arcade and go down into the metro, you understand that silence is the loudest scream.