Value of Research

31.10.2011, 14:45
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During the past 3 weeks the students were getting acquainted with three of this year’s five research themes, each week having a set of lectures, discussions and tasks given by the theme directors. This week’s Studio Generale* won’t be devoted to a particular theme, but rather it will focus on the essentials of conducting research. It will be curated by the architect and head of Strelka’s eductional programme Yuri Grigoryan and Anastassia Smirnova, who will also be joined by Strelka alumni Anna Butenko and Tamara Muradova.

Students will have an opportunity to hear different approaches to research from such specialists as the architect Theo Deutinger (founder of TD architects), architectural historian Alexander Rappaport, sociologist Ekaterina Kozerenko (director of Sample Survey Department, Levada Center) and many more.

On Tuesday, the students will visit the Russian State Library and understand how to use its data and catalogues for research, following a lecture on citing and referencing various sources by Anna Krasinskaya (deputy director of educational program, Strelka Institute) and Janna Bystrykh (Hinterland Supervisor, architect, OMA*AMO) and using video archives by Arnold Giskin (film producer, professor at Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences).

Wednesday will be filled with a lecture by Ippolito Pestellini (architect, associate, OMA*AMO) who will talk about research done for Prada; Victor van der Chijs (managing director and partner, OMA*AMO, former director of strategic projects for Schiphol) will describe how to use research as a communication tool, and Brendan McGetrick (writer, editor and designer) will talk about Gwangju Design Biennale.

On Thursday and Friday, the students will engage in a two-day workshop testing out different research strategies.


*Studio Generale  an introductory course meant to give the students a general impression of the institute’s research field and help them acquire skills needed for their research project.