Workshop «Zombieheights»: transformations of inanimate into animate

29.07.2011, 13:33
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Noam Toran is a senior lecturer of the Design Interactions course of London’s Royal College of Art. He works at the crossroads of different disciplines and is interested in anomalies of modern culture. The next week Noam is coming to Strelka to curate a workshop «Zomblehelghts» and read a lecture on the narrative possibilities of objects in cinema. We asked him and his future workshop assistant Anastasia Albokrinova to unveil their plans and expectations for the next week.

Noam Toran, artist, workshop curator: «Zombies are creatures positioned halfway between the living and the dead, and are not really happy about it, which is why they wander around trying to eat human brains. There is a strong movement within science and technology dedicated to turning inanimate things into animate things: things that talk, things that move, things that think and engage with us in ways that become more complicated as they become more complicated. I like to think of them as zombie objects, hence the name. The ’heights’ parts refers to an apartment complex where the stories that the groups develop will be located. Thus the goal is for designers and architects to understand the social implications of new developments in science and technology, and to participate in the debate, rather than be spectators. The results will be a selection of films and/or installations that groups of students have worked on together. Each group will design a scenario where domestic objects of some kind have developed their own ideas of what they want in life. During these 7 days of workshop there will be lots of research, lots of sketching, lots of storyboarding, lots of building, lots of video shooting, lots of editing, not a lot of sleeping».

Anastasia Albokrinova, designer, workshop assistant: «With the workshop I am awaiting a certain shake-up. A shake-up in perception of people — as we are a long time surrounded with technologies but never speculated on what shapes they would take, what behavior they would dictate us in the city. From the other side, a shake-up in activity, this workshop is mixed on a multiplicity of creative actions: performance, cinema, modelling. All this requires a high degree of lightness and emancipation — things that the profession of modern designer or architect, in my opinion, lacks».

The workshop «Zombieheights» will run from 2nd to 8th of August. For further information, please, follow the link.