Books are in the air


‘Books are in the Air’ was a special project by Strelka Institute that focused on the future of reading. Taking place on Tuesdays in August, a variety of events reflected on the state of e-publishing, the circulation of information, and its storage and preservation. Public discussions and video-lectures by experts in the fields of innovative publishing, philosophy, culture studies, media, and psycholinguistics were complemented by audio-visual installations and artworks by contemporary Russian artists.

During the entire month of August, the public could enjoy free access to publications from Strelka Press through the Strelka Digital Library, a collaborative project with Bookmate, available through the Strelka Wi-Fi zone. A mobile bookcrossing platform developed in partnership with artist Alexander Lysov, Moscow City Library Centre and the Design Library operated in Strelka’s courtyard and provided an opportunity for visitors to swap books on art, culture and architecture.

The project’s website was also be a platform for online discussions between notable experts, and the website hosted a series of radio programmes on visual poetry and the graphic potential of text.

Events schedule:

August 6, 18:00 — Something in the air
August 13, 20:00 — Library as a situation
August 20, 20:00 — Hypertext and on-the-go mentality
August 27, 20:00 — Books in an expanded field

Curators: Alexander Burenkov, Yulia Rudenko
Curator of Strelka’s public programme in August: Irina Ineshina