Closing presentation of “Brainstorm against brainwashing” workshop


How to understand, navigate, criticise, or challenge education at university level? With the results of this experimental workshop participants were addressing key themes that dominate the foundations of our education system.

The results were presented in 5 blocks covering: 1. The ideologue. 2. The Naive. 3. The hero 4. The New Trend 5. The Apathetic.

Workshop moderator: Arseniy Khitrov (The Higher School of Economics), Felix Madrazo (INTERNATIONAL DESIGN), Max Zolkwer (POP ARQ), and Stephane Damsin (QUEST ARCHITECTURE).

Madrazo, Zolkwer and Damsin are architects from the Supersudaca research center, a think tank that works on projects that affect the environment around us. Their work focuses on answering the question: How can we continue to believe in the best, despite the horrors around us? Supersudaca advocates the use of different methods for dealing with each issue, including the use of humour to bring attention to more serious problems.

Arseniy Khitrov is associate professor of Social Sciences at the Higher School of Economics. He is currently engaged in the study of how various forms of contemporary culture including television serials, films, the media, and popular literature, create or translate ideology.