Brand for the Park


With all the material changes in the Gorky Park there should be other important changes coming along. Locals and tourists need to change the way they perceive the park, and with their lead the city will also see it as a comfortable and attractive space. The new park should be marked on the Moscow map.

BBDO Branding agency and its’ Creative Director Mikhail Gubergrits suggest workshop participants following the whole branding process «from A to Z», the way it works in real life. It will take two weeks for participants to create a brand step-by-step under a supervision of practitioners. Work will be combined with setup lectures about brand-strategies, naming, brand style and navigation, given by branding and design professionals. For example, naming section will be lead by Andrei Inochkin, head of Lexica naming agency, and navigation section — by graphic designer Ilya Ruderman. Workshop programm is developed to meet the schedule of working people — lectures and work stages evaluation will take place in the evenings and on weekends. Last day will be devoted for the final viewing of the projects together with workshop instructors and managers of Gorky Park.