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Dress code: gold.

US-born Jessie Evans, a bad girl, a fan of music hall and crazy outfits living in Berlin, playing half-electronic music with a saxophone and fiery rhythms, will take the stage at Strelka on July 28. Evans was an eccentric from her teenage years: she got expelled from her high school orchestra at 16, and by 17 she had put together her first band, when she was squatting in Amsterdam.

She lived in California for 10 years, playing No Wave music with bands that went on to develop a cult following, like The Vanishing and Subtonix, and then moved to Berlin, the music capital of Europe. There she teamed up with Toby Dammit, the drummer for Iggy Pop and Swans, and recorded her first and so far the only solo album Is it fire?, with half the tracks recorded in Berlin, and half – in Mexico, at random motels, with local musicians.

Evans combines the tension of 1970s No Wave punk with Yma Sumac Latin American exotics and 1920s – 1940s cabaret esthetics. She is always wearing crazy outfits, and can perform in concert in golden tights, a marching band uniform, or wearing a fish on her head. Evans will be bringing to Moscow a female drummer and, possibly, her new tracks – the singer is now finishing work on her new album, whose personnel included, among others. Steve MacKay of the Stooges, and Jimi Tenor.