Strelka rated one of Europe’s best schools of architecture

25.12.2013, 10:02
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For the second time, Strelka has been listed among the one hundred best European schools of architecture and design in a guide issued by DOMUS magazine. The 2014 edition is available in both printed and digital format and contains detailed descriptions of selected schools, their educational methods, prominent professors and alumni. The free iPad edition can be downloaded here.

Anastassia Smirnova: «It’s time for change»

18.12.2013, 15:51
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The Programming Director of Strelka’s Education Programme speaks about the theme for the year and a new angle for city analysis.

During the first three years of Strelka’s existence, we set out to research large and ambitious themes: Public Space, Preservation, Design, and Urban Culture – quite a comprehensive range of topics. Since we considered ourselves something of an education start-up, we wanted first to map out the general area of our interest. Moreover, we intended to do it with great enthusiasm. Last year, for example, our students were researching education, and it is barely even possible to consider education a theme at all, it being such an immensely broad field of human activity. Students had to make painful choices, defining narrower and more specific themes to work on together with their tutors.

Emily Campbell: «The Constraints Are What Stimulate Creativity»

12.12.2013, 11:58
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Director of Programmes at the Creative Education Trust, Emily did a workshop for Strelka students last week together with Pascal Anson, artist and product designer. Emily shared her thoughts about design, education and new ways of learning.

During your work at the Royal Society of Arts you produced a manifesto called «You know more than you think you do: design as resourcefulness & self-reliance». What does it stand for?

The RSA is an eighteenth-century membership organisation that has always had the encouragement of arts & manufacturing as part of its mission. I needed to renew its account of design and social progress in order to legitimise its continuing involvement with design in the context of much wider social pre-occupations.

«Greater Moscow» in MONU magazine

22.11.2013, 10:14
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An essay of Strelka graduate Anton Ivanov has been published in the latest issue of the urbanism magazine MONU. The author discusses the neighbourly relations of the centre with its periphery, the new urbanism of Moscow, and the difficulties involved in developing larger territories.

My essay is dedicated to Moscow and its immediate surroundings – the densely populated extension of the megalopolis. I believe this territory to be particularly closely connected to the city and that is why the term «Greater Moscow» is relevant in this context.

Students in numbers

12.11.2013, 11:21
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Where do new Strelka students come from? How many among them are architects, journalists, art historians and sociologists? The biggest group of students in the history of Strelka’s education programme are represented here, in numbers.

New Strelka Students

09.10.2013, 15:23
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This year’s Strelka class is the largest in the history of the Institute. 42 newly enrolled students shared with us why they decided to come to Strelka.

A New Academic Year at Strelka

01.10.2013, 11:30
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Today, Strelka is delighted to welcome the new students about to take part in its educational programme, and wishes them all a fascinating year, full of experimentation and discovery.

This year’s nine-month study programme will include an introductory course, a competition on urban space development, a research studio, and an outdoor exhibition project. In the course of their studies, participants will not only gain the knowledge and skills needed to work with the urban environment, but will also have the chance to improve their group working skills, explore the psychology of the work process, and find out about the principles of interdisciplinary cooperation.

Strelka Institute at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

26.09.2013, 07:48
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Strelka Institute will take part in the Institute Effect exhibition, taking place during the third Lisbon Architecture Triennale, 2013.

Strelka will inhabit part of the MUDE Design and Fashion Museum with an installation about the institute’s role in Moscow and its place in a global discourse. Featuring its publishing arm, Strelka Press, the exhibition will explore the notion of Moscow as a crossroads for critical thinking about cities and design.

Liquid Strelka at Falling Walls Lab

25.09.2013, 17:04
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On the 8th November, Strelka graduate Liya Safina is going to Berlin to present the research based on her educational experiment Liquid Strelka, to a team of international experts at the competition finale of Falling Walls Lab.

Sochi On Foot

25.09.2013, 16:05
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Can a stress-measuring device improve our understanding of the urban environment? Can the architecture of small forms activate urban spaces? Strelka graduates speak about their participation in the “Sochi Peshkom” (English: ´Sochi on foot´) project and new approaches to urban research.

Taya Osipova, project manager

The summer school was the main event of the project. It lasted the whole of July and each week had its own particular theme. Students were introduced to the understanding of the city as a process; they learnt how to initiate different processes in the city and how to create the spaces needed for this, and they came to grips with issues involving the activation of urban spaces. We chose a particular area in the city and negotiated its use with the landowner. A Nineteenth Century fortress once stood there, from which the city then grew. Nowadays, there’s only one dilapidated wall left, citizens pass it by every day and are completely unaware of its importance in the city’s history. There is an “Anchor and Cannon” monument nearby to commemorate the founding of Sochi.