New Year at Strelka

05.10.2011, 13:39
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On June 29, the final review of 33 Strelka students’ work unveiled what an ambitious and fruitful year that had been. Full of experiments and new ideas, arguments and agreements, friendship and compromise, it brought together people from different backgrounds.

New students

31.08.2011, 13:36
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The enrolment at Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture and Design for the academic year of 2011-2012 is finished. This year, 43 students will enter the doors of the Institute. Most of the students come from Russian cities; two people will fly from Milan and another two — from Riga. There are students who will have to travel even farther: three people will come from New York, Bogota, and the Chinese city Ji’an. The longest journey from home to Strelka, however, lies before the new student from Melbourne, who will have to fly the distance of 14,447 km. Most of the students specialize in architecture; there are also young experts in philosophy, cultural studies, and psychology. Congratulations to the new students! We wish them success and creativity in the new academic year.

Strelka’s First Students of the New Year

10.08.2011, 13:34
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On August 10, the intake of new applications for Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture, and Design’s educational program stops. The Village contacted the first new students and talked about their plans for the year.

Interview with Michael Schindhelm

02.08.2011, 13:34
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Anticipating the start of Strelka’s new academic year, «Theories and Practices» publishes monologues of teachers and curators on new study topics. The series of materials is opened by Michael Schindhelm: biochemist, theater and film director, artist, cultural consultant of Hong Kong, and leader of the «Content» theme.

>student: Penghan Wu, 25, China, architect

01.08.2011, 13:40
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Architecture, travel and Moscow 

Research themes 2011/2012

27.07.2011, 13:32
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The first year of the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design concluded on June 28-29, 2011 with a public event which included student presentations. During this first year five research themes were explored: Preservation, Energy, Public Space, Design and Thinning. The effort was conducted under the supervision of an international team of instructors in collaboration with local institutions and invited Russian and foreign experts.

33 >

30.06.2011, 13:31
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The first educational year at Strelka is officially over: Tuesday and Wednesday studentspresented their research projects for the Final Review and were awarded diplomas. In the next few days Strelka website will feature Theme Research Reports, as well as students’ individual research work: videos, magazines, brochures. In the meantime check out the full list of the very first class of Strelka graduates:

Novy Urengoy-Sochi-Birobidzhan-Perugia

26.05.2011, 13:29
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Almost a half of Strelka students left Moscow for research trips literally to all sides of the world: one part of the «Thinning» research theme travelled to Yamalo-Nenetsky area, the other — to Sochi, one student from «Preservation» research theme went toBirobidzhan, and a group of «Design» students — to Festarch festival in Perugia.

Thinning: Business as an Indicator

18.05.2011, 13:27
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As a part of Summer at Strelka programme, our students also lead lectures and round table discussions choosing topics and guest speakers completely on their own. On Monday, students of the research theme Thinning invited two journalists who are experts in current situation in the regions — Nikolai Kononov, the editor of and the author of the book «God without a Car» and Anna Sokolova, who also writes for Forbes and recently published her book Moscow Region Corporation: How the Richest Region in Russia was Bankrupted.