Stay Wired. How Technology Influences Our Lives

05.03.2012, 16:00
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How does technology shape our world today? Greg Williams, the executive editor of the popular WIRED magazine, and William Shaw, a regular contributor, visited Strelka Institute last week in order to talk on the subject. Phillip Kats, a SENSEable City Moscow student, talked to Greg Williams about data ownership on the internet and the ways it may influence our behavior.

Graduate Shi Yang, 28, architect, Qingdao

02.03.2012, 15:59
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Shi Yang was part of the Design theme group, led by Stefano Boeri. His research looked into the relationship between government and architecture on the examples of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral and VDNKh.

Graduate Alena Lanina, 26, architect, Moscow

24.02.2012, 15:58
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Alena was part of the Thinning research theme directed by Joseph Grima and Jiang Jun. Her research project Back to Basics: Defining Primary Resources in Russia was devoted to efficient usage of Russian arable lands.

Sandra Vandermerwe: “You don’t have innovation and transformation unless someone sees a crisis.”

23.02.2012, 15:54
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How can we influence policy makers, stakeholders and planners to make a case for change? How can the concept of sharing be reinvented in a post-Soviet society? Students from the Megacity theme Ricardo Pinho and Lam Le-Nguyen addressed these questions to Sandra Vandermerwe who specializes in the customer-centric approach to business. 

Studio Generale: Customer Focus

20.02.2012, 15:54
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Are you a track 1 or track 2 company? Can the track 2 strategy be applied to low-cost housing? These were the questions brought up and discussed during the Studio Generale session on Wednesday, together with Sandra Vandermerwe, specialist in customer-centric services who has worked with the likes of Nokia, BP, IBM, Volvo and many more.

Graduate Anton Ivanov, 24, architect, Moscow

17.02.2012, 15:53
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Anton Ivanov was enrolled in the “Thinning” group. He now works at the architectural firm Buromoscow.

An Archive Video

15.02.2012, 15:53
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The Citizens as Customers student Nastya Sheveleva made a video about the excursion to the Russian National Film and Photo Archives

“I Don’t Watch Movies for Free”. A Trip to Archives

13.02.2012, 15:52
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A few days ago, Strelka students visited the town of Krasnogorsk. On Rechnaya Street stands a two-storey yellow building with columns, built in 1947-48 by German prisoners of war housed in the Krasnogorsk prison camp. Since 1953, the building has been home to the Russian National Film and Photo Archives. Natalya Chamayeva, a Citizens as Customers student, shares her impression of the archives.

Studio Generale: Sociology Day

10.02.2012, 15:51
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Thursday’s Studio Generale session was devoted to sociology and its statistical and research aspects. Ella Paneyakh from the European University in St. Petersburg and Aleksey Levinson from the Levada centre talked to the students about research methods and ways to interpret collected data.

Graduate Merve Yucel, 28, Architect, Istanbul

09.02.2012, 15:50
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Merve Yucel was part of the Design theme research, curated by Stefano Boeri. Her research was focused on the subject of microrayons in the context of the transformation of Moscow over the last 20 years.