Getting Ready for Research

06.02.2012, 15:49
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A lot has been said last week about the work of the Citizens as Customers studio. Here’s how the other studios described their daily routines.

Graduate Daria Nuzhnaya, 24 years old, architect

03.02.2012, 15:47
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Daria Nuzhnaya, who graduated from Strelka Institute in 2011, talks about what she does now.

Ideal vs. Real

02.02.2012, 15:46
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The second stage of the research process (definition of what is already known) implies that the “Citizens as Customers” studio students are to read a series of lectures to each other. Nastya Sheveleva, for example, made a report on the correlation of the ideal concept of a socialist city declared by the mass media and the historically established reality.

Citizens as Customers: Students’ Lectures

31.01.2012, 15:45
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In addition to visiting microrayons and factories that produce panel housing, the Citizens as Customers group are also busy making short lectures to each other and inviting experts to their studio. This all is part of the second step  of their research: finding out what they already know. For example, the  founder of the Project Russia magazine Bart Goldhoornv gave a talk on how the block standard should be introduced in the architecture world and how it can shape the market. Matiss Groskaufmanis, in his turn, looked into the subject of microrayons in Riga.

Cultural Management Workshop at Strelka Institute

30.01.2012, 15:44
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On 20-21 February 2012, the Cultural Management Workshop will take place at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. The workshop will be organized by British Council Russia with support of Open Society Foundations.

Studio Citizens as Customers: A Radical Rethinking of Microrayons

30.01.2012, 15:44
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Studio Citizens as Customers: Director David Erixon, International Coordinator Anastassia Smirnova and Supervisor Kuba Snopek share their vision of methodology and inspiration for research.

Field Trip to Ferroconcrete Factory

27.01.2012, 15:43
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While some students are busy digging in archives, reading books and analyzing open sources, the Citizens as Customers group engage in field research visiting microrayons and factories. To see how prefabricated housing is produced the students visited an experimental ferroconcrete factory KROST. Here’s their recount of the visit written by student Daliya Safiullina backed up by a video done by Anastasia Sheveleva.

Moscow — Berlin — Strelka

26.01.2012, 15:41
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Wednesday was the first day of the Studio Generale sessions devoted to the legacy of Bauhaus. Philipp Oswalt, director of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Regina Bittner, head of the Bauhaus Kolleg and Wolgang Thoner, head of the collection department at Bauhaus gave lectures on the history of the school that influenced modernist architecture and aimed to create a new society.

Urban Culture

25.01.2012, 15:39
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The research themes have quite a different approach towards their work. Stanislav Lvovsky, supervisor of the Urban Culture theme tells us about the peculiarities of the working process in their group, the topics they address and the goals they set for themselves.

• In what way is the workflow in your group organised?

The Reading List

24.01.2012, 15:38
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The fusion of art and science, virtual spaces, invisible cities and the changing artistic environment after the fall of communism are just a few topics the students are reading up on to get inspired and extract useful information for their research. Here are their own comments on what the books are about and what they found interesting.