Strelka Podcast #3

19.07.2013, 07:57
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Strelka Podcast @ radio W-O-S: Strelka graduate Anna Pozniak spoke to architectural historian Michelle Provoost, co-founder of research collective Crimson Architectural Historians and Director, International New Town Institute.


30.04.2013, 11:19
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Strelka Podkast @ radio W-O-S: Strelka student Filip Mayer talked to an architectural historian Wouter Vanstiphout of the Crimson Architectural Historians research collective:

Strelka Podkast — 1

11.04.2013, 11:18
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The first release of Strelka Podkast @ radio W-O-S in which Strelka’s student Anya Poznyak interviews the founders of the most popular website about architecture –