Strelka Press reviewed by The Observer and Verso

16.01.2014, 13:23
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The Observer has recently published a review of some of the most interesting small book publishers worldwide. The Institute’s publishing programme Strelka Press is on the list. You can find the full list of publishers and descriptions of their work on The Guardian website.

Strelka Institute at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

26.09.2013, 07:48
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Strelka Institute will take part in the Institute Effect exhibition, taking place during the third Lisbon Architecture Triennale, 2013.

Strelka will inhabit part of the MUDE Design and Fashion Museum with an installation about the institute’s role in Moscow and its place in a global discourse. Featuring its publishing arm, Strelka Press, the exhibition will explore the notion of Moscow as a crossroads for critical thinking about cities and design.

A digital road trip

25.04.2013, 09:01
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Tower blocks nearing completion "...pupae, cocooned in security netting" alongside Avenida Aricanduva. ©2013 Google Maps

Inspired by Edge City, the architectural photographer Ludwig Abache has recreated Justin McGuirk’s journey around São Paulo through a series of Google Streetview images.

Ebooks and blueberries

20.03.2013, 13:08
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In Their Opinion

05.03.2013, 09:51
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The Work of Opinion in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Six weeks ago the architect, critic (and Strelka author) Sam Jacob inaugurated an “opinion” column for design website Dezeen. With Jacob’s first three articles now published, what can be gleaned about the work of opinion in the age of digital reproduction?

OK-RM in conversation

18.02.2013, 10:21
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I caught up with Rory McGrath, from graphic design practise OK-RM, to talk to him about work for the Strelka Institute and Strelka Press, which has been nominated for the 2013 Design Museum Design of the Year award.

The Public, Publicity, and Protest in Putin’s Russia

13.12.2012, 14:32
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Strelka Press, as you know, publishes in English and Russian. And now we have four new Russian titles to add to our list. Our aim is to both promote English-language authors by making them accessible to a Russian audience, and to make Russian texts available in English. For the moment, the most recent Russian-language titles remain untranslated. However, with this bilingual objective in mind, we thought we would at least provide an edited translation of some of the blog posts that appeared recently on our Russian-language blog, as a means of introducing the authors, their work, and making the scope of Strelka Press more transparent.

In the News

30.11.2012, 17:01
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It’s been several months since our last press round-up, so we thought it would be a good idea to quickly summarise our on-going reception by the media.

Digital First

19.11.2012, 09:37
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Several months ago Strelka Press launched its first seven titles on iBooks, the Apple bookstore service. This was an expansion from the Amazon platform, where our publications have been available since May. This now means that Strelka Press is a truly cross-platform publishing house, accessible on a vast range of e-reading devices (including the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, and others).


16.11.2012, 08:34
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Strelka recently took part in the Designers & Books Fair 2012 in New York. The Fair targeted the professional publishing community and authors writing on topics related to design and architecture. At the fair, Strelka Press presented range of e-books and Justin McGuirk, the director of Strelka’s English language publishing programme, participated in two public forums about the contemporary architecture criticism and the future of the publishing industry.