Marieke Van Hal, Sally Tallant, Iara Bubnova: The Relevance of the Biennial

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When we ask ourselves what is the cultural relevance of biennials as models of art institutions, it is vitally important that the function of the biennial and its meaning for the public sphere is measured against the background of all existent infrastructural, locational, and relational coordinates within the concrete circumstances under question. This perspective is crucial in order to articulate the space in which the biennial as an institution can provide an added value and can bring something to the table that isn’t already there and would not exist otherwise. Looking at biennials as cultural institutions on various sites.

Event’s schedule:

20:00 – Marieke van Hal: Biennial and the City

20:30 – Sally Tallant: Liverpool Biennale influence on the city

21:00 – Discussion between Marieke Van Hal, Iara Bubnova and Sally Tallant about impact of biennales on cities where they take place

Marieke van Hal is an art historian and the Founding Director of Biennial Foundation, an independent NPO founded in 2009 to facilitate links between organizations and practitioners operating within the global biennial community by providing an open platform for exchange, collaboration and research. From 2001–2006, van Hal was General Coordinator of Manifesta Foundation, where she was in charge of the development and production of three editions of the European Biennial of Contemporary Art. In the same time period she served as Managing Editor of “MJ-Manifesta Journal, Journal of Curatorial Practices”, working with Chief Editors Victor Misiano and Igor Zabel. In 2007 van Hal was Director of the first Athens Biennial Destroy Athens, for which she initiated the the European Biennial Network, a two-years exchange program between the Athens Biennial, Liverpool Biennial, Berlin Biennial, Lyon Biennial, and Istanbul Biennial. Together with Elena Filipovic and Solveig Øvstebø, van Hal organised the Bergen Biennial Conference, Bergen Kunsthall, Norway (2009), and co-edited The Biennial Reader, an Anthology on Large-Scale Perennial Exhibitions of Contemporary Art (Bergen Kunsthall, Hatje Cantz), 2010. Van Hal was an MPhil research graduate at the Curating Contemporary Art department of the Royal College of Art, London (2011). She served as a Jury member for the curatorial selection of the 9th Gwangju Biennale (2012) and the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale (2013). She is a Board member of The Bergen Assembly, Norway. Biennial Foundation’s most important activity to date is the World Biennial Forum. The WBF No1 was co-directed by Ute Meta Bauer and Hou Hanru and took place in Gwangju, South – Korea, in October 2012.

Iara Bubnova - сo-curator of Manifesta 4 (Frankfurt, Germany) and 1st Moscow biennial, curator of 2nd Ural industrial biennial of contemporary art.

Sally Tallant – artistic head and director of the Liverpool Biennale of Modern Art since 2011, head of programs for the Serpentine Gallery (London) from 2001 to 2011.

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