In May 2011, Strelka Institute became the first organization in Russia to receive an environmental certificate called Vitality leaf. Eco-office. It was developed by the Saint-Petersburg Ecological Union, is recognized by The Global Ecolabelling Network and by RosStandard. The certification was conducted in accordance with the international standard of environmental labelling ISO 14024. During the preparation for the certification, Strelka was assisted by the environmental consulting agency GreenUp.


Today, all new electrical appliances and office equipment at Strelka meet the requirements of energy class A. The light bulbs have been replaced with energy saving ones. Lights and appliances are switched off for the night and weekends. Besides, five motion sensors have been installed to turn on and off the light automatically.

Water Saving

Water counters have been installed to monitor water consumption. In the lavatories, single-lever mixer tabs are used and toilets are equipped with dual flush systems.


Separate rubbish bins have been placed for different types of waste: glass, plastic, aluminium and other metals, paper, and non-recyclable waste. Removal and disposal of garbage is carried out by the Sphera Ecologii company.


By reducing the number of printed products Strelka is trying to reduce the amount of paper used. For internal purposes, Nautilus paper made from recycled materials is used. Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper is used to print brochures.


All office supplies purchased for institute needs, as well as paper towels, toilet paper, disposable dishes are environmentally friendly.


In the office and the studios, signs asking to save energy, water and paper, have been placed.

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