In 2013/14 school year Strelka is introducing a brand new education programme on urbanism and urban development.

Within the usual 9 months of studies, Strelka students will go through 4 stages: introductory course, urban development contest, research studio and public exhibition project. Students will not only gain skills and knowledge, necessary to rethink and redesign urban space, but will also collect a personal portfolio, consisting of individual and group projects, articles, essays and interviews. Throughout the year the focus will also be on group collaboration and developing skills and principles of successful group project work.

Studies begin October 1 and end June 30. School year is comprised of two semesters – fall and spring term.

The first three months of the programme (fall term) will be taken by Studio Generale Introductory course, comprised of lectures, seminars and discussions, involving key international and local experts and practitioners in the field of urban development — designers and architects, scholars and entrepreneurs  city managers and activists. Students gain essential research skills and knowledge in the course of a series of intensive workshops and trainings. In the last two weeks of the fall term students will work on the first individual project — a collection of essays and interviews on future urbanism.

Spring term begins in early January with a one-month competition project with a brief on territorial development in Moscow. Students will work in small teams of 3-4 people guided by experienced team leaders and in a month will present their competition proposals to an international jury. The best proposal will be awarded with a special Strelka prize and published in English and Russian.

In February studio work begins: students will select one of four research studios — Dwelling, Offices, Cars or Retail. Journalist and researcher, director of Rotterdam-based architectural bureau SVESMI Anastassia Smirnova will lead the Dwelling studio, head of Meganom bureau and Strelka’s Director of Education Yury Grigoryan will run the Retail Studio. A partner of Danish architectural bureau BIG Andreas Klok Pedersen will be in charge of the Offices studio, and writer, infographer, and the founder of architectural office TD architects Theo Deutinger will oversee the Cars studio. In addition to the four main studios of the programme and in partnership with Moscow State University’s Department of Economics Strelka will launch a special fifth studio, devoted to the study of urban eonomics. Research in the fifth studio will be led by Vasily Auzan and Ronald Wall.

In mid May following the end of the research cycle at the studios students will embark on the last phase of study — preparation of the public exhibition at Strelka, showcasing the research outcomes of the whole year and guided by an international curator. Student exhibition at Strelka will launch end of June, a month after the opening of the International Biennale of Architecture in Venice.

More information on applying is available here.

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