1. Studios, 2. Bar, 3. Amphitheatre, 4. Bar terrace, 5. Multifunctional block, 6. Stage, 7. Courtyard

Three years ago five people collaboratively conceived an idea. They saw an institution that would be a stock exchange for human capital, a place shaping a flow of creative energy. It would transform Russia’s physical and social environment, with cities being the platform for that change.

It was an idea that would require a multifunctional institution. Not only a place of study, but a cradle for ideas and meanings, strategies and actions.

These five people – Alexander Mamut, Sergei Adonyev, Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper, Dmitry Likin and Oleg Shapiro – brought their idea to life. They created Strelka.

Strelka Institute is a non-profit organization aimed at generating knowledge, producing new ideas and making them come true. Its lecture halls and studios provide free tuition for international young specialists with backgrounds in architecture, design, social sciences, etc. Its courtyard hosts open lectures, conferences and film screenings. Its bar provides both a place for the social networking of creative people from around the globe and a source of Strelka’s financial backing: what the bar earns goes to support the institute.

Strelka is an educational centre that is open to the world and ready to share. What happens here spills out into social exchange.

The output of the institute is multidimensional. It includes graduates and their projects. It involves a growing network of creativity. But, most importantly, it helps shape the reality of tomorrow.

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