Decision Time: How can we make Moscow a bicycle-friendly city?

strelka courtyard

How can we build bicycle infrastructure throughout the city? Which services are required for this? How can we develop the necessary information and navigation systems? The next discussion in the “Decision Time” series is devoted to bike paths in Moscow.

Moscow was originally designed for pedestrians and horse-drawn carriages. The Soviet government rebuilt it for parades and automobiles. Now, residents and bike-owners are taking back the right to move about freely on refurbished sidewalks and designated pedestrian streets.

Bicycle advocates are taking matters into their own hands, drawing up maps, setting aside parking zones and laying down bicycle routes. These early efforts are a testament to the thousands of Muscovites who use bicycles every day.

New York, Seattle, Montreal and many other cities have either included bike paths in their general plans or created separate programs designed to boost bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Moscow is developing several plans and holding competitions to build bicycle infrastructure.

One plan, developed by the Department of Transportation and PWC, calls for the introduction of bicycle infrastructure one region at a time.

At the discussion, part of the “Time to Decide” series, experts and citizens will have the opportunity to discuss realistic strategies for developing bicycle infrastructure in Moscow, learn from the experience of other metropolises, and contribute to a pilot project to build bicycle infrastructure in one Moscow region.

The pilot project is being carried out by a working group that includes the Strelka Institute. As part of the project, the working group is conducting a series of round tables and discussions in the chosen region, gathering ideas and preparing recommendations for city government.

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