Denis Milovanov Workshop Anniversary

Strelka Courtyard & Strelka Bar

On the 7th June Denis Milovanov craft manufacturing workshop, launched in the beginning of April 2013, is celebrating its first year of existence and growth

To celebrate this year of hard work, which we hope to be a successful beginning of the long path, we are making a party for our colleagues and friends who were very supportive of our values and ambitions.

During this fruitful year, we at Denis Milovanov Workshop carried out several important projects with Zaha Hadid, Four Seasons and Dan Person Studio. While trying to revive the old culture of the Russian craft and rethinking woodcraft technologies, we have relied on using naturally dead trees and have tried to keep wood processing environmentally friendly.
Our main guest for this Saturday evening is the workshop’s art director Denis Milovanov, who is going to make a short speech about his sources of inspiration and aesthetics of work. There’ll be few words as introduction and welcome drinks.

From 6.00 to 9.00 p.m. craftsmen will provide a set of music they usually put on while working in the workshop in Pavlovsky Posad.
Then our friends from Follow Me radio will rock the crowd with their special party set.

With some of Denis Milovanov Workshop’s objects presented on Strelka’s courtyard, guests will also find elements of craftsmen working space and wood processing tools.