How to design social interaction

english with russian translation

From September 12th until September 29th an exhibition project Public Relations took place at the 1st of May Public Library in Moscow. Taking on the form of a café, the exhibition enabled its visitors to experience artworks in a participatory manner, and the program of workshops, talks, viewings, dinners and parties facilitated interaction.

The multidisciplinary project was a two week spin-off of the ‘Pop-Up Café’ exhibition previously curated by Karolien Buurman and Eline Mul in Amsterdam for two months in the Summer of 2009. This open-plan project put emphasis on applied arts such as photography, graphic and product design, with a special focus on young artists and designers. This time the project was developed within the context of the 2013 Russia – The Netherlands year, where it aimed to be an open platform for artistic development and cultural exchange between the two countries. The exhibition and its program worked both as a window for young Dutch creatives and as a space for potential dialogues and collaborations with the young Russian art scene.

Together with the artists, curator of the exhibition Karolien Buurman explained how the Public Relations project was trying to answer questions as: How can service or personal interaction be designed? How will art and design contribute to the community? How can the project and its content be the catalyst of a new way of experiencing and sharing?

Karolien Buurman (1981, The Netherlands) is a social psychologist with a fascination for art, design and socio-cultural influences. As a researcher she has been involved in analyzing extreme youth cultures and social movements. She is initiator of several cultural events and exhibitions. Together with Eline she organized the Pop-Up Café, an exhibition where they brought many local and international artists to work together in a typical neighborhood in Amsterdam West where mostly muslim immigrants live. Furthermore she is one of the initiative takers of Mediamatic’s Eetclub Over Datum, a dinner club where expired but edible products were served as a protest against our waste of food. Recently she curated a separate space in the W139 art gallery called BARRY, and currently she is set- ting up a program for the Noorderparkkamer in Amsterdam Noord to promote local involvement in this area.