Eduard Heyman on the renewal of surroundings


Eduard Heyman is a multi-disciplinary architect-designer, a graduate student of the Research Institute of the Theory of Architecture and Urban Planning, which explores the topic of interactive technology in architecture. He worked in the SPEECH architectural office and in Vladislav Kirpicheva’s EDAS studio. Eduard Heyman is also a laureate of the all-Russian «Post-historical Challenge / Architectural Response» with the «Elastic City» concept.

In his lecture, he will discuss why architects enliven environment and objects, and which tools and technologies they use. It’s a reflection on how to create an interactive environment, on why people need it, and how much time remains until it fully comes to life?

Eduard Heyman: «Our “perpendicular” artificial world is trying to come to life. Figuring out ever more about the processes that are going on in nature and in society, we are not only increasingly inspired by them, but we also use their tools and logic. This is the cutting edge of knowledge of the world between technology and science, ethics and creativity».