What is the Strelka Institute's summer program?

The summer program is a series of public events united by a single theme. The program is both educational and entertaining, including lectures by well-known experts in the fields of urbanism, architecture, design, media; expert discussion of the most pressing urban issues; workshops at Strelka and in the city itself; short-term courses, film screenings, theater performances, concerns and, on the weekends, open-air markets. The program lasts the entire summer, from mid-May to mid-September.

What is the target audience for the Strelka Institute's summer program?

The Strelka summer program is aimed at engaged citizens from Russia and abroad: students, activists, young professionals, recognized experts, architects, sociologists, designers, managers, economists and other specialists — anybody who wants to improve their city.

How can I participate in the Strelka summer program?

There's are many ways to participate in the Strelka summer program. Lectures, discussions, and festivals are free to the public, and there's no need to register ahead of time. Registration is required, however, for workshops and courses, and some of these require participants to pay a small fee.

How much does participation in the Strelka summer program cost?

The majority of events are free, with the exception of workshops and entertainment events (film screenings, concerts, theater productions). Tickets can be purchased at the Strelka Institute or online. Click on “Buy a Ticket” on the event announcement that interests you.

Does Strelka provide housing or visa support to summer program participants?

The Strelka Institute does not provide housing or visa support to summer program participants. See the attached file for information about Russian visas and hotels/hostels near the institute.

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