Finnish Design Days: How to change the workplace

english with russian translation

With many people spending most of their waking lives at work, the office is no longer simply a workplace. The modern office is also a place for learning, entertainment and communication. Nor do our jobs stay in the office: work follows us all over the place, to airports, cafes, parks and libraries, and even in cars while stuck in traffic jams. It is a remarkably varied working environment, and we need new IT tools and interior solutions to make the most of it.

At Days of Finnish Design the heads of some of Finland’s largest companies discussed the methods – and costs – of changing the work place.

17:00 — Opening of Finnish Design Days in Moscow. Welcome speech from Heikki Martela, president of the Martela company.

17:10 — Lecture of Kerttu Tuomas, HR-director, member of the Executive Board of KONE. Topic of the lecture: “The people in the new working environment. As a design could inspire the team to achieve extraordinary goals”.

Human capital is invariably the key asset of any business. Especially in a time of radical renewal of technological environment, system innovation in the working environment, provoking uncertainty, stress and alienation. Design, in the broadest sense of the word, may be just that the corporate idea, which promotes the development and adaptation of the team as quickly as possible to the new conditions.

17:50 — Lecture of Veli-Matti Savo, vice-president of Martela. Topic of the lecture: «Activity based office – a revolutionary concept of new working environment”.

Office today is undergoing the biggest change in the history of its existence. More no any uniform standards of open-space benches, cabinets with desks and task chairs. The new office is greatly reduced in size, is extremely personal, takes into account the type of activity of each individual on the team, and most importantly – it becomes extremely creative and inspiring. Examples of workspaces and a new type of basic rules of the device.

18:20 — Discussion about working environment. Moderators are Denis Sokolov, partner, head of departement research and Elena Kolesnikova, associate director, global corporate services in Cushman & Wakefield.

18:45 — Coffee – break

19:00 — Lecture of Peter Griffith, head of industrial design department, Nokia.

Design is a paradigm that can organize, simplify, organize amount of technological innovations that have affected today by any business. What are the basic principles of this new design language in the culture of the growing number of IT solutions.

19:40 — Lecture of Pentti Kareoja, professor of Aalto University (Helsinki). Topic of the lecture: “The workspace as a learning environment. Learning through design”.

For thousands of years we have received basic education in schools and universities, the most prolific period of childhood and hot youth. Today it has become clear that in order to maintain their professional competence, we have to radically update our knowledge and skills almost every day until old age, constantly faced with more complex epistemological problems. What new educational platforms and tools are up to the challenge? Why design is the foundation on which learning is built more efficiently?

20:20 — Discussion, exchange of views between guests and speakers.

Organisers: Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, the Embassy of Finland in Russia, and Martela company.

The event is supported by the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce.