Form Follows Feeling

Part of: Sensorium


One phrase which all architects and designers are familiar with is the maxim that «Form follows function». Originally thought up by architect-rationalist Louis Sullivan, the concept has since undergone an evolution. Now, it is not just function which is key; the sensation from the use of objects is just as important. To understand this principle, it is enough just to recall your first «slide» on an iPhone.

Orlando Mathias, a representative of the design studio Allofus, will speak about interactive interfaces, the importance of tactile sensations when working with touch-screens, and the contemporary interpretation of the concept of «Form follows function».

Formed in October 2003, AllofUs is a multi-disciplinary digital design consultancy with a highly unique approach to interactive design. Ultimately, AllofUs strives to improve the way clients and their audiences connect by realising the potential of intelligent and creative user-experience design, across an ever-expanding range of interactive media and communication channels.

Orlando Mathias will be also presenting a selection of work centered around interesting and innovative approaches to interaction in physical environments. Demonstrating that by creating a dialogue with users through technology, you can add powerful new dimensions to the more traditional worlds of exhibition, retail, product and brand identity design.