Four Quarters: Winter


In Moscow, the onset of winter is regarded as a disaster to be survived. The first snows are greeted with panic; a fall of one or two degrees in temperature with thoughts of emigration. And yet it is perfectly possible for people to live happily in northern latitudes, as the experience of the Scandinavian countries shows. How is this peculiarly Russian relationship with the climate expressed in clothing, architectures, and everyday life? And can we bring this cultural and psychological complex in line with the climate of our latitudinal neighbours?

Alexander Ospovat is a literary theorist, historian, and head of the philology program at the Higher School of Econmics.

Alexei Levinson is a sociologist and head of the socio-cultural research department at the Levada Center.

Linor Goralik is a poet, writer and teacher at the Higher School of Economics, and a regular contributor to the journal “Theory of Fashion.”

Yuri Grigorian is an architect, director of educational programmes at the Strelka Institute, and director of the Meganom architectural bureau.