Four quarters: Moscow region


Curator, urbanist, photographer and anthropologist will discuss what constitutes the identity of Moscow region and what tactics should be used to study it?

Фото: Петр Антонов / Photo: Peter Antonov

Just outside the Moscow city borthers lies a region which brings out mixed emotions – Moscow region or so-called Podmoskovye. Megapolis, a massive, melting pot, attracts thousands of people, in the process eroding the differences between ethnic groups and traditions and creating around itself a kind of grey area, which is mainly populated by service centers. The borders of this landscape are quite complicated to reconcile with the existing administrative delineations, as the influence of the capital on lifestyle, the presence of traditional craft, architecture and the physical appearance of the landscape extends far beyond the bounds of the Moscow region.
How do the inhabitants of Moscow relate to these neighbors? What constitutes the identity of Podmoskovye and what tactics should be used to study it?


Daria Parkhomenko – curator and founder of the Laboratoria Art&Science Space
Peter Ivanov – research associate of Graduate School of Urban Studies and Planning,
head of the Laboratory of city fieldwork
Yuri Palmin – photographer
Mikhail Alekseevskiy – Director of the Center for urban anthropology, KB Strelka

Sophya Gavrilova, PhD in geography, curator of the “Moskovia.Research” exhibition

Discussion will continue a “Four Quarters” series.

“Four Quarters” – a discussion that goes beyond our attention in everyday life and the new optics on the world around us. One person can not simultaneously look at different sides, mind his steps and see the on the horizon. That is why we combine four people of different views, specialties and interests. Each of the four participants of discusision will have a quarter of an hour to present their position, and then begin the discussion.