Hidemi Nishida and Teppei Koseki: Fragile Occupancy — Hybrid Art between Environmental and Video-Art

english with russian translation

At Hybrid Art 2013 environmental artist Hidemi Nishida joined forces with video-artist and filmmaker Teppei Koseki to bring to Moscow the essence of the performing art scene of the city of Hokkaido in a surrounding video-installation.

Hidemi Nishida explained how he interprets the architectural language as an artistic method with an hedonistic function. The installation Occupancy/Fragile, gives Koseki’s video collage a new depth and power through a brand new combination of space and material.

At Strelka Nishida and Koseki talked about their work as individual artists and their first collaboration for Lexus Hybrid Art 2013.

Hidemi Nishida started his professional career as architect in London UK and is working on environmental art based in Bergen Norway today. Nishida has shown his projects in Japan, UK, Russia, Estonia, Norway and so on. His works always provides viewers with primitive pleasure as a specific experience including turning various different methods into architectural method that is his basic language.

Teppei Koseki works in very wide range of the field; video art, film, music video, VJ and so on.. He has unique tast of video making that is related with local culture scene of Japan or Hokkaido. He has shown his works in many film festivals and TV, not only in Japan but also in US and Europe.