How Can Architecture Be a Social Integration Tool?

strelka courtyard
spanish (translated to russian)

What is humanitarian design, and how does it work? What is the role of architecture in the social and political transformation of the city? Why do the new generation of designers choose smaller forms and build schools, libraries and daycares in cities and villages, rather than world championship stadiums and skyscrapers? Giancarlo Mazzanti, a Colombian architect, will speak on using architecture as a social integration tool.

Mazzanti is known for social projects in Colombia. His works include convention centers, libraries (a public library in Bogota, a park-library in Santo Domingo), sports facilities, schools, orphanages, and playgrounds. Mazzanti is the first Colombian architect whose works are presented in the collection of the MoMA. This year, the museum has asked for the models of three of his works.

Giancarlo believes that architecture can and should change the world. According to him, ‘Previous generations of architects thought of how architecture could interpret the world, but I think now is the time to think of how architecture can change the world. We architects can assume that role and make a real difference in how people live and behave’.

Please read Mazzanti’s interview to TATLIN here.

Images of his projects can be view here.

Photo Credit: lionboy852003