Grigory Revzin and Sergey Choban. Russia at Venice Architecture Biennale

strelka courtyard

Commissioner of the Russian pavilion Grigory Revzin and curator of the Russian pavilion Sergei Choban will speak about the Russian exposition, which gained a special mention of the jury, about the chosen concept, and this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale.

This year Russian pavilion at the XIII Venice Biennale is called «i-citi/i-land» and is devoted to the innovative city project Skolkovo. Biennale theme is Common Ground, and is aimed at joint work on projects by specialists of different directions in a single theme. For the Russian exhibition inVenicethe Skolkovo project was selected, in the work on which the efforts of the unprecedented number of famous Russian and foreign architects were united. Their collaboration is essential for the promotion of architectural, urban and technological innovations in the Russian practice of urban planning.

Sergei Choban and Grigory Revzin will speak about the Skolkovo innovative project, the Russian pavilion and the biennale itself at their lecture at Strelka.

Sergei Choban studied architecture in St. Petersburg, from the beginning of the 1990s he has successfully worked in Germany. Since 1995 he heads the Berlinoffice of the bureau nps tchoban voss ( His projects include such iconic buildings asBerlin cinema Cubix, gallery Arndt, Akvare Haus, Muenstersche Strasse synagogue and many other buildings and complexes inBerlin and other German cities. Besides working in Germany Sergey Choban actively works inRussia since 2003. His project of the tallest building in Europe – Federation tower is being constructed inMoscowCity. In 2010 Sergey Choban was chosen curator of the Russian pavilion at the XIII Biennale of Architecture inVenice.

Historian of art and architecture critic Grigory Revzin graduated from the history of art history department ofMoscowStateUniversity. After being a student he quickly became an assistant professor and for ten years he worked in the Department of history of Russian art. Grigory published the first monograph inRussiafor Russian neoclassicism, and from 1996 he is a columnist for Kommersant newspaper, he also is an editor of the magazine Project Classic and writes a column for GQ Russia. In 2000 and 2008, Revzin curated Russian pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale – largely because of his authority one of the Golden Lions went to the project ofMoscowarchitect Ilya Utkin. Since 2011, Gregory is a member of the Town Planning Board of Skolkovo Foundation. This year he was chosen Commissioner of the Russian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale.