Growth — recession — growth: session on the future of the media with Mark Sands


Mark Sands is Tate gallery’s media director. His responsibilities include the promotion of the museum brand and organizing the interaction between the museum’s different sites and their  visitors. Previously, he worked at television companies Granada Television and British Digital Broadcasting, and at newspapers The Guardian and The Observer. Mark Sands,will take part in the discussion «Why friend Damien Hirst or can social networks bring the museum to the viewer?» as part of the sixth day of the Social Media Week at Strelka, dedicated to culture and social media.

During the session, Mark Sands describes the periods of rise, fall and again rise of the media in the future and, together with the participants, he will try to find solutions to contemporary problems of the media. After his presentation, the participants will be invited to express their ideas. They can make their thoughts on the future of media heard right away or the day after the presentation. After all ideas have been heard, the best ideas will be elected through a vote.