Heritage: the past, the present and the future


Strelka Institute is joining forces with Project Russia Magazine to hold a round table discussion that will focus on historical heritage. Who has the moral right to name a specific building an architectural monument? Can we make a monument out of a whole area of urban environment, and would that be a good idea?  Is there any contradiction in considering modernist structures as candidates for architectural monument status, even if they were built to last only 50 years? The round table participants will also discuss what the “sanctity” of heritage really means: is it a sign of rigor mortis or a manifestation of a viable culture, and should we make a distinction between architectural heritage dating from different eras: is there any fundamental difference between a 17th-century basilica and an early-20th century red brick factory building?


Round Table participants:

–      Andrey Bokov, architect, President of the Russian Union of Architects

–      Yuri Grigoryan, architect, Head of Meganom Project Architectural Bureau and Educational Program Director at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture, and Design

–      Natalia Dushkina, historian of architecture and city planning, Professor at MArchI, member of ICOMOS international research committee for the theory and philosophy of conservation

–      Boris Pasternak, architect, Director, Center for Historic and Urban Development Studies

–      Nikolai Pereslegin, architect, advisor to Chairman of the Moscow City Heritage Committee

–      Grigory Revzin, historian of architecture, special correspondent for Kommersant Publishing

–      Natalia Samover, historian, coordinator for the ArchNadzor (Architecture Watch) Public Movement

–      Alexander Skokan, Architect, Head of Ostozhenka Architects Bureau

–      Nikita Tokarev, architect, Director of MARSH Modern School of Architecture


Moderators: editors of Project Russia Magazine Anna Bronovitskaya and Alexei Muratov.