HUTOPOLIS: Hybrid Space

english (translated to russian)

Prof. Frans Vogelaar, Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Germany), Head of the Department of Hybrid Space, Partner of Hybrid Space Lab, Berlin

The lecture will concentrate on concepts and projects of Hybrid Space and Soft Urbanism.

In 1998 Prof. Frans Vogelaar founded at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne the first Department of Hybrid Space worldwide. His department has been awarded a series of international prizes such as the YAHOO! University Design Expo 2007 prize and the Cologne International Design Prize 2008.

Prof. Frans Vogelaar is also founder of Hybrid Space Lab (Berlin/Amsterdam), a r&d and design practice focusing on the hybrid fields that are emerging through the combination and fusion of environments, objects and services in the information/communication age.

Hybrid Space Lab is a lab and a network in which architects, urbanists, landscape architects and environmental planners, designers, soft- and hardware engineers collaborate in the development of projects for combined analog and digital, urban, architectural, design and media spaces. The scope of our research, development and design projects ranges from those on urban games and urban planning to buildings, architectural interiors and industrial design applications and wearables.

Soft Urbanism – is a new interdisciplinary field of design and planning, researching the transformations of architectural-urban space of the emerging “information-communication age”, exploring the dynamic interaction of urbanism and the space of mass media and communication networks.