Hyper-Now: Urban Spaces and Interactive Environment


People today are increasingly becoming used to a «culture of now», expecting instantaneous reactions to shifts in our everyday requests and demands. We accommodate ourselves to the city we live in, and we identify with a city using services like MyPlace and Foursquare. But, in communicating more and more information about ourselves and increasing our bases of online contacts and our numbers of «friends», we are not becoming genuinely closer to one another.

The Hyper-Now workshop will focus on how architects and designers can adapt existing urban spaces to the demands of contemporary society. Students will be asked to design a physical space with integrated digital services which acts as a catalyst and platform for activity, creativity and interaction between its users. It is intended that the installation will be constructed in Gorky Park in the weeks following the workshop; the physical and digital layers should therefore be rationally designed to be buildable within a restricted timeframe and budget.

The workshop will be led by architects Edouard Moreau and Dan Horner from Techopolitan Studio, specialists from London-based interactive design consultancy AllofUs, and expert in social media, head of Social Insight agency Andrew Podshibyakin.

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