From Ideology to Imagination


From politics to science to architecture, ideology has played a strong role in shaping society and innovation. In hindsight, is it possible to look at these ideologies neutrally, to understand what can be taken from them? From the safe distance of the present, can an investigation of past ideas be relevant to shape the future? What is the moment when history stops to be personal and ideologically charged? How city can show or hide it’s own history?

The discussion started with the brief introduction of research projects by three Strelka students,”Imagination in Orbit” by Sasha Simonova,”Preserving Protest. The Future of Moscow’s Countercultural Heritage” by Lindsay Harkema and “Inhabiting propaganda” by Sonya Guimon. All three projects dealt with the reinterpretation of the Soviet past, it’s ideology and mythology of different periods. Sasha’s project considered the mythology created around outer space exploration and looks for potential ways to awaken people’s curiosity in space through imagination and science. Lindsay’s project focused on Moscow’s fading avant-garde architectural heritage in relation to its social heritage of public and private protest in the city. Sonya’s project related to the history of ideology in the field of housing and how we could make the history more obvious in the city.

Following this introduction, the panel of experts were asked to contribute their response and ideas about these ideas. The discussion was held in English and moderated by the student presenters, and open to participation from the audience.

Invited experts:

Kiril Asse
Kerstin Holm
Anna Bronovitskaya
Arseny Chitrov
Anna Krasinskaya
Marijeta Bozovic